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max kortlander
Max Kortlander 1890-1961
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Deep River (1917)
Old Negro Melody (arr by Burliegh) 
Piano Roll by Corrine de Burt
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The Deep River Collection - Low VoiceA Lonesome Road - Paul Robeson sings spirituals and songs
Hail, hail the gangs all here (1917)
Arthur Sullivan
Piano Roll by Victor Arden
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The Library Of Family SingalongsSing Along with the Honky-Tonks
I'll Take You Back To Italy (1917)
Irving Berlin
Piano Roll by Erlbach and Ennison
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A Nation of HeroesThe Wizard of Oz - Vintage Recordings from the 1903 Broadway Musical
Joan of Arc they are calling you (1917)
Wells, Bryon and Weston

Piano Roll by Victor Arden
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Additional Versions Cover ArtVictorian Parlour Evening
Just You (1917)
Con Barth

Piano Roll by Max Kortlander
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Just youMy Song of India : Fox Trot Song
Mr. Jazz Himself (1917)
Irving Berlin

Piano Roll by Pete Wendling
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Cover ArtThe Life and Times of Irving Berlin (Masters of Music)
Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny Oh! (1917)
Ed Rose and Abe Olman
Piano Roll

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The Big Book Of NostalgiaThe Michael Feinstein Anthology
Over There (1917)
George M. Cohan

Piano Roll by Max Kortlander
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The Big Book Of NostalgiaGlenn Miller: His Greatest Hits & Finest Performances, Part 3 [Audio Cassette]
The Darktown Strutters Ball  (1917)
Shelton Brooks
Piano Roll by J.L. Cook
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1317626A Night at The Pops
Triangle Jazz Blues (1917)

Piano Roll by Max Kortlander
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Triangle Jazz Blues Sheet MusicPop Music: The Early Years 1890-1950

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