DETAILS-: 25 Pieces edited and recorded by Eric Halstead. Playing Time 92mins. PLAYLIST:- Aus der Jugendzeit!! E. v. H. by Ethel Smyth - Bagatelle op 48 no 1 Elisabeth Lutyens - Bagatelle op 48 no 3 by Elisabeth Lutyens Barbaric Dance by Priaulx Rainier - Chillan by Susanne Erding - Chopsticks, by Euphonia Allen - Conversation for Two Pianos by Ruth Gipps - D'un vieux jardin by Lili Boulanger - Elegie (fur die linke Hand ) by Else Schmitz-Gohr - Happy Birthday by Mildred and Patty Smith Hill - Hermit Thrush at Morn by Amy Beach - Impromptu by Jeanne-Louise Dumont Farrenc - Introduction by Verdina Schlonsky - Klavierstuck in E by Ethel Smyth - Langsamer Walzer by Else Fromm-Michaels - Le Lac de Come by Mme.G.Galos - Nocturne by Maria Agate Szymanowska - Piano Muziek voor Anje van Har by Barbara Heller - Prelude for a pensive pupil by Peggy Glanville-Hicks - Rondeau by De La Guerre, - Slow by Lotte Bakes - Sonate No. 3 by Marianne Martinez - Sonate Op. 8. 1 by Le Beau, Louise Adolpha - The Chopsticks Variations by Margo Guryan - The Maiden's Prayer by Tekla Badarzewska TO LISTEN TO THE 18 SAMPLE TUNES >> BACK >> ENTER MUSIC STORE LISTENING BOOTH >> CLICK PAGE 3  

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