DETAILS-: 33 Pieces, Edited and recorded by Eric Halstead. Playing Time 107)mins. Birds of a Feather - I Enjoy Being a Girl - Mammys Goodnight Lullaby - Though Swell - Blue Moon - I never knew - Moon about town suddenly I likethe looks of you - Where were you where was I - Body and Soul - If you see Sally - Peter Pan - Who? - Broadway Melodies - I'm in love again - Second Hand Rose - Who's Baby are you - Don't Hold Everything - Joan of Arc they are calling you - Shadows - Wonderful Pal - Every Day - Just like a melody out of the sky - Sweet and Lovely - You never can tell - Feather your Nest - Lonely Little Melody - The Birth of the Blues - Hail, hail the gangs all here - Lover come back to me - The Blue Room - Happy days are here again - Make Believe - The Last Round Up

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