DETAILS-: Collections of 26 MIDI or MP3 files Played by J.L. Cook as Fats Waller, edited and recorded by Eric Halstead. Playing Time 75 mins. PLAYLIST:- 18th Street Strut - I'm Coming Virginia - Nobody but my Baby - Snake Hips - A Little Bit Independent - Jailhouse Blues - Ol' Man Moses - Squeeze Me - All that meat and no potatoes - Last go round blues - Peach Tree Street Blues - St Louis Blues - Basin Street Blues - Laughin' Cryin' Blues - Queen Isabella - Yea-Man - Got to Cool my Doggies Now - Mad about Him Sad Without Him - Rhumboogie - You can't do what my last man did - Haitian Blues - Mama's Got the Blues - Rosetta - If I could be with you - No Swingin' in Here - Sing An Old Fashioned Love Song- 

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